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Navigating the Skies of Entrepreneurship: Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

Author: Iliana Sutton

This morning, I woke up feeling a bit lost, which is unusual for me since I usually have a clear game plan to start my day. I spent about an hour trying to figure out where to begin, all while sipping my morning coffee. Despite being an early riser, today felt different. I still didn't have clarity even after my usual routine of letting my daughter's dogs out – she’s on a business trip and those dogs are her babies.

Recently, a good friend gifted me a journal filled with Bible verses. As someone who writes all day, I initially saw it as a notebook for jotting down ideas. I've been carrying this journal around in my work bag for a couple of weeks, often taking it out with the intention to write, but nothing would come to mind. Today, however, was different. I finally opened the journal and wrote my first thoughts.

There's a lot happening for my business right now. As a small business owner, the moves we make are crucial not only for the growth of our workforce but for our business journey as well. It's something we all strive for, right? Being my own boss allows me to navigate my own path, facing all the turbulence, unhappy customers, and great experiences. But just like weather during a flight, you can never fully control for a smooth journey. My job is to keep my plane in the air with the least turbulence possible – aiming for a first-class ride all the way.

The power of words is amazing. If you listen, truly listen, I believe we all have a higher power guiding us. It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone, but if we listen like a pilot, we can navigate the steadiest flight possible. Today, I found that clarity through a Bible verse in my journal, which I shared with you via picture for this blog.

This verse inspired me to keep pushing forward despite the uncertainties and challenges. It's a reminder that while we may not control the journey's smoothness, we can control our responses and maintain our course.

To all fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners out there: keep pushing. Listen to the guidance you receive, whether it's from a higher power, your intuition, or those around you. Navigate your flight with care and confidence, and you'll find that clarity and inspiration are always within reach.

Remember, it's not about having a perfect plan every day. It's about trusting the journey and finding strength in the moments that guide us, even if they come from a simple journal entry.

I hope this message resonates with you and offers some encouragement. Keep striving, keep listening, and keep your plane in the air.

Iliana Sutton: CEO/ Founder

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