The ability to communicate effectively in a second language is a fundamental requirement for any interpreter . We understand that your organization needs to be able to identify qualified interpreters to avoid spending valuable resources repeatedly hiring and training individuals who may not meet the minimum national standards. Aha! Interpreting Solutions provides a quick but thorough evaluation of your candidate’s language performance, a resource that your business may not have available in-house.

The assessment focuses on the second language listening comprehension and verbal skill levels of an interpreter in their working language. We assess the following listening skill sets:


  • Using appropriate sentence and word assembly

  • Reiterating concepts and directions

  • Paraphrasing content

  • Utilizing educationally and culturally appropriate language levels

  • Interpreting as a rapid and automatic response


  • Recalling sentences in content

  • Listening to paragraphs

  • Memorizing for recall

  • Analyzing conversations for meaning

  • Understanding working language.

Upon completion of the assessment, a customized analysis is generated for each candidate. The analysis will provide a numerical score for listening comprehension and verbal skill sets, as well as an overall rating of the candidate’s ability to communicate within a specific business setting.

We adhere to the highest industry standards established by organizations, such as Federal Government,the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), the California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA), the International Medical Interpreter Association (IMIA), as well as the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), as well as all educational and legal state standards for interpreting.

We measure proficiency using the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale, which was developed to measure a person's ability to communicate in a language. The ILR scale consists of five levels of language proficiency and is the standard language proficiency scale used by the Federal Government.


At Aha!  our consultants bring ideas together and make your project happen!

We take time out to hear your ideas and then get to work by using our four step process which is

Analysis, Planning, Development then Delivery.

No matter where your company is in the development or implementation of a program, we can improve your program’s infrastructure and client satisfaction levels.

  • Full strategic planning for  program development

  • Screening and Assessment

  • Design and development of Internal  Services

  • Internal audit 

  • Employee Training 

  • Job Shadowing * If needed 

  • Program policy development

  • Educational modules in language and cultural compliance in the field

  • Consultation in IT 


The focus of preliminary analysis is the identification of your organization's unique situation and multilingual requirements.


During the planning phase, we provide an internal audit of your organization’s existing services based on national standards, establish a strategy for meeting your requirements, as well as set a project timeline and estimate costs.


In development, we create policies, procedures, form the overall program infrastructure, and author customized language access training materials.


We guide your organization through the implementation of your program’s policies and procedures; ensure that your organization is prepared to take full advantage of Aha! resources, certified interpreters, and facilitators; and we remain in close contact to guarantee the successful deployment of your program and ensure we are able to quickly remedy any unforeseen challenges.



In response to the ever increasing demand in Northwest Arkansas and Nationwide for professional, quality Bilinguals in all fields, Aha! Interpreting Solutions created a Bilingual Office Administrator Assistant training program. (See Education section) We offer recruitment and placement for our employer clients and offer both temporary and permanent placement. 

At Aha! Interpreting Solutions, we focus on establishing a relationship with your company to understand your business so that we can refer the best employee for your specific needs. Our extensive network and experience in recruitment allows us to reach candidates that are highly trained and accessible. These placement services are tailored specifically to your company’s needs at a fraction of the cost of telephonic language services.



The Department of Labor has predicted a 46% growth in the interpreting field by the year 2022.


​Aha!  is a Registered Arkansas Bilingual Higher Education provider and we have designed our training program with the bilinguals in mind who work in the medical, educational, community, and business fields. We specialize in training that is based on professional ethics and standards, and take pride in our quality facilitators and training material.


​We provide virtual live training from experienced instructors who share the passion in teaching and making   long term change through education. Our training uses the most up-to-date methods in the Education field. You can earn a State labor Certificate, from learning languages, to a 40 hour Medical Interpreting training certificate plus much more, allowing for learning that is tailored to your team scheduling.


​We provide standard liability seminars per request as well as continue to educate employer clients in the latest standards and ethics relating to interpreter compliance issues via media.

​The best part is that we customize to  your needs and can come to your organization!



At Aha! Interpreting Solutions, we understand the importance of offering comprehensive written translations for our clients. Our team combined with (N)site Language expertise makes us a powerhouse with experience in the field.  We pride ourselves in adhering to all national and state laws and regulations to provide top-notch service and security.