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At Aha!, we’ve worked hard to develop various courses and programs to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you want to improve existing skills or expand your horizons, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our services below to see what we have to offer, and contact us today for an introductory session.


Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that anyone seeking services from government agencies or organizations funded by the U.S. government must be assisted in their native language. Aha! Makes sure you stay in compliance.


We provide virtual live training from experienced instructors passionate about teaching and making long-term changes through education. Our training uses the most up-to-date methods in the Education field. You can earn a  DOL Apprenticeship Certification, from learning languages to a 40-hour Medical Interpreting training certificate, plus much more, allowing for learning tailored to your team scheduling.​We provide standard liability seminars per request and continue to educate employer clients on the latest standards and ethics relating to workforce compliance issues via media.


​The best part is that we customize your needs and can come to your organization!


At Aha!  our consultants bring ideas together and make your project happen! We take time out to hear your ideas and then get to work by using our four-step process.


The preliminary analysis identifies your organization's unique situation and multilingual requirements.


During the planning phase, we provide an internal audit of your organization’s existing services based on national standards, establish a strategy for meeting your requirements, and set a project timeline and estimate costs.


In development, we create policies, and procedures, form the overall program infrastructure, and author customized language access training materials.


We guide your organization through implementing your program's policies and procedures; ensure that your organization is prepared to take full advantage of Aha! Resources certified interpreters and facilitators, and we remain in close contact to guarantee the successful deployment of your program and ensure we can remedy any unforeseen challenges quickly.

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