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Government Apprenticeship

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Our federally vetted team comprises individuals with years of specialized experience working closely with all federal departments in the U.S. This wealth of knowledge ensures that we are not just a vendor but a strategic partner with a deep understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities. Tailored Solutions: We understand the intricate challenges faced by the Federal sector and will deliver customized solutions that align with your specific needs. Cutting-edge Technology: Leveraging our expertise in Cybersecurity and AI, we will provide state-of-the-art technological solutions that bolster the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of government operations.


We cordially extend an invitation to all stakeholders, partners, and collaborators to participate in the collective endeavor of reshaping the landscape of education and service provision, with the objective of fostering a brighter and more promising future. We embark on this journey with a clear sense of purpose, fervent dedication, and a mutual pledge to uphold the highest standards of excellence.


We deeply appreciate your steadfast support and trust, which have been instrumental in propelling our shared vision forward. We eagerly anticipate a future filled with exciting prospects, characterized by continuous growth, pioneering innovation, and the realization of mutual successes.


Professional and Management Development Training (NAICS Code: 611430)
Educational Support Services / Online Education (NAICS Code: 611710)
Employment Placement Agencies (NAICS Code: 561311)
Administrative and Support Services (NAICS Code: 561000)
Other Computer-Related Services (NAICS Code: 541519)
Cybersecurity Services (NAICS Code: 541512, 541519, 541611, and 541990)
Artificial Intelligence Services (NAICS Code: 541715 )

Electronic Computer Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334111)
Computer Storage Device Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334112)
Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment
Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334118)
Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334210)
Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications
Equipment Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334220)
Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 334290)

Engineering Services (NAICS Code: 541330)
Drafting Services (NAICS Code: 541340)

Electrical Contractors and Wiring Installation (NAICS Code: 238210)
Flooring Contractors (NAICS Code: 238330)
Textile Product Mills (NAICS Code: 314999)
Sawmills (NAICS Code: 321113)
Paper Mills (NAICS Code: 322120)
Stationery Product Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 322230)
Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 322291)

Commercial Printing and Support Activities (NAICS Codes: 323111,
Photographic Film and Paper Manufacturing (NAICS Code: 325992)


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The Professional Business Services Department of Aha! Interpreting Solutions is dedicated to preparing bilingual students to meet the demands of rapidly changing business offices and offers a DOL Certification in Office Administrator Assistant.


Bilingual in this context refers to a student being adequately proficient to function effectively in an entry-level bilingual capacity. The instructors seek to develop professional business communication and social skills that will benefit students when entering the workforce.


The Office Assistant program prepares students for careers in clerical or administrative departments.


Instruction in basic core classes places emphasis on producing effective and appropriate.

  • Bilingual business documentation,

  • Multicultural business etiquette,

  • Workplace diversity skill sets,

  • Leadership and team-player skill sets,

  • Multitask skill sets,

  • Business communication,

  • Organizing and maintaining electronic record systems,

  • Utilization of Microsoft Office programs,

  • Accounting/bookkeeping support.