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The Professional Business Services Department of Aha! Interpreting Solutions is dedicated to preparing bilingual students to meet the demands of rapidly changing business offices and offers a DOL Certification in Office Administrator Assistant.


Bilingual in this context refers to a student being adequately proficient to function effectively in an entry-level bilingual capacity. The instructors seek to develop professional business communication and social skills that will benefit students when entering the workforce.


The Office Assistant program prepares students for careers in clerical or administrative departments.


Instruction in basic core classes places emphasis on producing effective and appropriate.

  • Bilingual business documentation,

  • Multicultural business etiquette,

  • Workplace diversity skill sets,

  • Leadership and team-player skill sets,

  • Multitask skill sets,

  • Business communication,

  • Organizing and maintaining electronic record systems,

  • Utilization of Microsoft Office programs,

  • Accounting/bookkeeping support.

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