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Every Aha! a team member from management to instructors is passionate about creating an inspiring environment where people feel comfortable and empowered to learn new skills. Although our backgrounds are diverse, our unified goal and shared values make us a solid team.

You can count on AHA!



Mrs. Iliana Sutton

  1990, Mrs. Sutton initiated a community-based program that provided economical after–school Spanish language classes for Springdale, Huntsville, and Fayetteville school districts.

1996. She designed, developed, and implemented Washington Regional's Language Department, where she supervised language programs and interpreter services to improve communication barriers between Washington Regional patients and healthcare providers.


 2000, she developed and supervised an interpreter program for the Springdale School district using high school senior students.


2001, as the need for bilingual office staff grew in the community, Iliana Sutton developed a computer workplace training course for female minorities.


2009 Edition of Physician's Journal.

2010 Walmart Heroes de Corazon Award. 


2019 Developed the first Bilingual Transferable Skills DOL Apprenticeship 

2020 Arkansas Higher Education Approved

2020 Veterans Affairs approved 

2022 Developed the First Transferable Skills DOL Apprenticeship 

She previously served as an Executive Board member and is the Arkansas State Chapter Chair for the International Medical Interpreters Association and on the Adult Education Committee for Northwest Community College.


She is the CEO and founder of Aha! Workforce Education Solutions is a Bilingual Education and Interpreter training and service provider for Northwest Arkansas. Her company specializes in Education, Community Outreach, Project Development, and Compliance, as well as customized educational and employment language assessments for the tri-state area.


Mrs. Sutton has supervised interpreter training, language assessment, and project development services to various businesses and organizations, including:


  • University of Arkansas' Technology and Small Business Department

  • Northwest Arkansas Community College

  • Northwest Technical Institute

  • Washington Regional Hospital Systems

  • Circle of Life Hospice

  • City of Springdale

  • City of Bentonville

  • Lowell/ Rogers Chamber of Commerce

  • Arkansas State

  • Arkansas Children Hospital

  • Tyson

  • United Way, Inc.

  • Department of Labor Apprenticeship

She could establish a business from the corner of her kitchen, take her ideas and business, and establish language and training guidelines, which is the power behind Aha!

Mrs. Sutton remains true to her roots and continues volunteering her services and cultural expertise to numerous community agencies. She remains honest and humble, believes everything happens for a reason, and is always ready to take on a new adventure.

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